I Lost My Cat (One of the saddest days of my life!)

This post is going to be a little bit personal but I just want to share how I feel right now. You can say things against me or judge me because of the title of this post.

I just moved out from my mom's house last year because I have decided to live alone, be independent and do the things that I want. So to make the story short, I found an apartment and I started living the life with the job that I have been dreaming during my corporate work days. Those first months of adjustment was so tough until I found someone who can take away all my sadness and stay away from the "boring" world that I had before she wasn't around. I am talking about the cat I named foodie. She's not actually my cat but she always come inside the apartment to beg some food. Since then, she always wants to stay inside with me and play. Her owner even told me that "oh, she can be yours if you want". So I did take good care of her, feed her and love her like my best friend. 

Time flies and she's always meowing at my door every morning asking for food and after she ate, she will just lay on the floor and play with some crumpled papers that she will see. Whenever I go downstairs, she will follow me and lay on the couch with me. When she feels like it's a little too hot for her to sit beside me, she will just lay on the floor under the dining table. Whenever I don't see her, I immediately search for her and I always found her. I know foodie. She's will never go out and never get back if something bad hasn't happened to her. We had a lot of fun memories. Most of the time, I don't feel like going out of my room because she's with me just waiting for me to give her my attention.

Now let's go to the sad part. Last Sunday, I woke up around 7 in the morning and I was a little bit curious why there was no meowing cat at my door. I didn't panic because whenever she's not going to meow at my door, I will still see her downstairs laying on the floor under the table. That day was different. I was nervous and thinking a lot of negative things because I searched for her everywhere inside the house but I didn't find her. I asked her previous owner if she's with them she said no. I looked around and still no sign of her. It has been three days now since I last saw her. I feel really devastated and sad. At the back of my mind, I am thinking that something bad happened to her. Maybe she's dead. While I keep my positive thinking, I just hope that she's just taking a break from roaming around the house and went outside to play with the other cats.

I don't know. You may tell me that I am over-reacting but yea, I can't focus myself with work. I don't feel like doing anything until I find her. I'm always waiting and looking at my door hoping that she will get back safe and healthy. 

Please pray for foodie to get back home safely.


  1. Greate post :)
    I'm following your blog :)
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    1. Thank you Jana, sure I will!


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