Someone Blocked me on Facebook!

This post is not the post that you might think it is. I am posting this not to humiliate anyone but I just want to share something.

I've met someone last year and we found out that we have the same passion and exchanged knowledge about certain things. I don't know but, I thought that this person is special and might be one of my closest friends. I found out a few weeks ago that this person has already blocked me on Facebook. Trust me, I know when a person have just deactivated the account or blocked me.

So what can be the reasons? We've traveled twice together and I thought we had a great connection and can grow bigger because we have shared our goals. We have also planned our next travels and I don't really know the reasons why this person did this thing. Have you ever experienced the same thing?

I just came to realize that not all the people you met are going to stay and treat you like the way you treat them. People have a different mindset. Some people who travel cherish memories and keep the people they have met while they are climbing the stairs of success. Hopefully, I'll be able to meet this person again. 


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