Creating a blog, a successful blog is a difficult task and quite a challenge. The dream of being location independent, working from anywhere and representing world-wide brands is an enticing “I own an online business” type of career.

Many times, we get mentally fatigued from creating content, let alone marketing that content later on. Marketing a blog is a huge task, whether its by facebook marketing, linkedin, collaborating or sharing with other bloggers. If you’re stuck or would like a new channel to promote your blog then WeShareNotes mights be a good idea. It’s one of those sites like pinterest and bloglovin, the only difference is that it's yet in its infancy.  It's our little secret ;).

Here’s a little widget from WeShareNotes that shows many bloggers by location

The widget can be found here→widgets.wesharenotes.com

Here’s how it works.
Once you register, you can share your brand, projects, skills or creative work with an audience from around the globe. As a portfolio based platform, it automatically shares your work or publications by using the RSS feeds on your website or blog. Once your profile is created, visitors will be able to see your portfolio, just like in the picture below.

The vision behind WeShareNotes is a good one because it helps creators who are talented and full of aspirations spread their vision and connect with other like minded individuals. Not only that, but also emphasize the use of portfolios instead relying on resumes.

Imagine a world where you could travel to different countries and meet interesting people as you go

and work from your computer in co-working spaces like this

As time goes on and automation threatens the livelihood of many jobs, creating your own path whether a blog or online business is becoming more and more accepted.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to work in places like this:

Juan, who created WeShareNotes is one individual and it's impressive how one individual can now create an online company that's similar to the ones ran by hundreds of corporate employees.

As he says it here, those who think different should embrace their inner drive. Which is why I support a world where people who think different are embraced and supported. A world where it's no longer require to follow a precise path to achieve success. A world where one could travel freely with no restrictions and our only limiting factor is our creativity.


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  2. This sounds like a great platform for exposure.


  3. How nice! Platforms like these that support bloggers are so needed and great for connecting you with others.



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