February 2017

So it's the 2nd month of the year 2017 and I am super excited to share you that I am going to do another "Red Series" this year. If you have forgotten or you're new to this blog, I already created my first Red Series in 2014 wherein I post different topics and things about the color red.

I want to do it again this year and I am so excited to write and take photos for it. I have been missing in action lately because of workloads but I will find time to do this because it is something that I enjoy the most.

The month of January has been so busy with work and other tasks but I still think about this blog. I will be having a new blog look soon and I hope that you're also excited for it. This year is going to be a lot of fashion and travel content so stay tuned.



  1. very nice picture :)

    Anna <3


  2. I am excited for your new blog theme! :D Indeed, January became one of the busiest month of the year too :D



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