FASHION: New Year, New Women’s Oxford Shoes!

Shoes are one of the best things to invest in especially if you love fashion, styling and looking great. There are lots of women’s oxford shoes and other kinds available in fashion stores and I can’t help but want to get pairs. Since 2017 is here, it’s time to think about giving something out of our wardrobe and getting new fashion pieces to rock the new year time. When I say fashion, shoes is not an exemption.

As I can remember, I haven’t owned any pair of women’s oxford shoes or brogues. All I have in my shoe rack are sneakers, flats, and few heels. Now that I am browsing for this 2017 fashion shoes, I found out and realized that I am missing oxford shoes. I have seen lots of cool images and these are perfect to pair with jeans, shorts, and skirts. Walking in comfort is always what I look for whenever I have to buy new shoes and oxford shoes can give me that benefit since the whole feet are covered while keeping the look effortlessly chic.

This year is going to be amazing because I will be launching a new blog this coming February and it’s all about fashion. It will also surely tackle more about clothes, accessories, and shoes including women’s oxford shoes. Just in case you want to get your newest pair of shoes, I highly recommend FSJ shoes. They have wide varieties of brogues for you to choose from. I like all the designs and colors of the shoes available on their website. For me, shoes can reflect who you are and your personality and if you want to keep yourself looking edgy you can get the perfect pair of shoes for yourself.

Here are five of my favorite brogues from their website.

I choose this Flat Women's Oxfords because it has an amazing color combination. It can be worn with skirts, (oh, I like denim) and shorts for casual days. Looking sexy and stylish with this shoes can be easily achieved.  I can wear this on a sunny, breezy weather while keeping my outfit easily matched with it. If you’re looking for a perfect gift, you can definitely get this and I am a hundred sure that a girl will love this.

Aside from wearing shorts and skirts, one of my obsessions is wearing jeans. It feels comfortable and I like to hide my legs whenever it’s cold. This Flat Women's Oxford is perfect for today’s cold weather yet it keeps my look fashionable. I am also obsessed with black and white because you can just basically pair it with any other color of your choice, especially for clothes. I like the round toe design of it because it looks so cool when paired with jeans. You can just roam around the city streets with this shoes while keeping your feet comfortable.

If you’re into girly shoes which are the best to pair with skirts, then the Lace-up Women's Brogues is just right for you. The color is nice and you can just snap a photo for your Instagram because why not? It looks so cute. The chunky heels are just in the perfect length giving your feet the comfort that you need.

Here’s another pair made perfectly for your jeans. This Rivets Decorated Women's Oxfords are just so amazing. Do you want to have a strong personality? This shoes can fully achieve being one while keeping your outfit look Pinterest ready! I like the shiny and smooth texture of it as well as the darkest brown color which reminds me of a chocolate. If you look closely, you can notice the intricate stud details of it on the back ankle part.

Last but not the least, I am in love with vintage. So if you’re also into it, you can check out this Vintage Brogues. I remember I had one of this when I was in grade school but that’s a different shoe. This one looks so good with either jeans or skirt. Platforms are also cool and never goes out of style. I like that little fringe on top of it too!

Check out FSJ Shoes and get a new pair of women’s oxford shoes to start your fashionable year! The choices are endless and you’ll have to enjoy it. You can also check out their website for their sales promotions.

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