Blogmas 2016: Sixth Day of Christmas and Christmas Foods

Hello guys! I am currently writing this blog post in the middle of watching my favorite Chipmunks movie and texting someone. So, I am finally home! Yes, I am now in my hometown but I have decided to stay in a hotel because I need to finish some work until the 21st of December. After that, I will go grocery shopping for the foods that I want to prepare for Christmas day.

I like some desserts and this year, I want to make a graham cake and fruit salad. My uncle and aunt will probably cook some of the traditional foods for Christmas. We don't let Christmas pass by without something on the table for our visitors and relatives. We always make sure that we prepare something for them to celebrate Christmas with a happy tummy.

I have already prepared and wrapped gifts for some of my relatives and I will be giving some candies and coins for the children who will come into our house on Christmas. I love Christmas and I love food. Some of our neighbors always invite us to try something that we don't have. Spaghetti and carbonara will surely the most favorite foods by the children so I'll make sure to prepare it for them. I don't worry about eating too much and getting fat. It's Christmas, celebrate it with love and full stomach.

What Christmas foods are you going to prepare?


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