Blogmas 2016: Second day of Christmas and Early Christmas Shopping Day!

I do this since 2013. Well, don't judge me if I do shop early for Christmas. I feel like the 15th day of December is the best time to shop for Christmas presents that I can give to my family and friends. I don't want to shop for like a day before Christmas because that day is going to be a little bit tiring for me.There are too many people shopping that day and you can't just enjoy what you're doing or choose the best things that you'll buy. I like shopping so much but I try to make a certain budget for it so that I won't overspend. 

This year, I am giving presents in the form of things that I already bought for them because the previous years were tough and I ended up just giving them some small amount of money. I am not rich but for me, I think Christmas is the best time to appreciate people around you by giving them simple things from your heart. It feels good to wrap each present and attach a personalized note card for them. I will probably home for this year's Christmas with my grandmother and Aunt. It's been years since I celebrated my last Christmas with them and I can't deny that I miss the Christmas vibes there. If you don't know yet, I was raised in a small province wherein people live a simple life with happiness and contentment. I just have to move in a city because of work and stuff.

I am so excited to share with you the Christmas gift ideas and all the things related to it. Well, tomorrow is the first night of a tradition we call "Simbang Gabi" and hopefully I can finish all the 9 mornings / evenings. It's time to give thanks and do our main responsibility.

By the way, where do you usually shop for Christmas presents? For me, I like the traditional shopping way where I can see and hold the items to see if it would be perfect for someone. C'mon shopping online is the best buy, I don't consider it when I am buying items for gifts. I hope you got my point.




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