Blogmas 2016: First Day of Christmas and Reminiscing Childhood

So today is the first day of Christmas for my blogmas 2016 and I have mixed emotions for this day. I have been looking back and thinking about my grandparents. Christmas season is one of the happiest memories of my life with them. They wake me up every 5:00 o'clock in the morning with the sound of beautiful Christmas carols and the sweet smell of apples. I can always hear them talking about their past, Christmas activity plans and some random things while sipping hot coffee. They also prepare rice cakes for my cousins and relatives. We always celebrate Christmas there with happiness and simplicity. I am so excited for my Aunt to come home because she always buys me something from the other city. She usually buys me clothes and shoes that I can wear for my school Christmas party and she never fails to surprise me.

Christmas in the province is so simple. We make our Christmas trees out of twigs and sticks. We decorate it with shiny candy wrappers, papers and plastic toys. Back when I was a kid, we don't have electricity there so we can't see any house with colorful Christmas lights. We don't have a television to watch those morning Christmas cartoons but it feels good to hear young Michael Jackson's Christmas songs on the battery-operated radio. We're contented as long as we have some food on the table plus some coins and candies from our neighbors. Everything has changed. We now have electricity and televisions. Those kids are so lucky that they didn't experience the same when I was just a kid but they are missing something. We will find out.

Now, as an adult and having one of the best times of my life I feel like I have to do something and start the Christmas celebration with my relatives this year. I would like to share something because it feels good. I just wrote some Christmas plans and I am so excited to share it with you guys!

Happy first day of Christmas!

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