Blogmas 2016: Fifth Day of Christmas and Christmas Parties

It's been six months since I started working at home full time and this month, I remember last year's Christmas party on the company that I worked in. Whenever I take a look on my Facebook's feed, all I see is fun Christmas party photos of my friends. I kinda feel jealous because I just realized how happy it is. I am not complaining about my job but yes, sometimes you'll realize things especially when you're not experiencing it anymore.

I miss those times when I have to force myself on learning to dance, shop early for Christmas outfits that will go well with the Christmas party theme and the bonding that I and my officemates had. I think Christmas parties is one of the best moments for employees because they got to enjoy the day or night, eat together, have fun together and oh, don't forget about the best part- raffles! Oh yes, for the first time in my life, I won two raffle prizes last year. I got to take home a cute storage box and a stand electric fan.

I may not have an employee Christmas party this year, but I will be having a Christmas party with y relatives and that's more important. Also, I will be treating myself to a three-day vacation and you have to stay tuned for it.

How about you? Do you have an employee Christmas party this year?

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