The Craft Central Opens Creative Haven

The Craft Central has launched its own Arts & Crafts Store in Greenbelt 5, Makati!
What was once a virtual shop that inspired thousands of dreamers to create beautiful crafts, The Craft Central has finally opened its own physical store in Greenbelt 5, Makati!
The Craft Central serves as a haven for artists and aspiring ones. The store fills itself with goods made by a number of passionate talented craft partners, as well as a space for interested hobbyists to hone a variety of skills through different workshops.

In a recent exclusive opening party, guests and friends were given a chance to spend a creative afternoon in the new The Craft Central store on the 21st of September. The day was filled with fun D.I.Y. activities such as Hand-stamping tote bags (by Sqooid) and Create-your-own Bath bombs (by Soak Artisan Soap). Other stations around the store were also present to hand guests with different kinds of giveaways like personalized notebooks (by Ink Scribbler), travel-sized perfume (fromOils and Petals), hand-sculpted earrings (from Pink Opium) and customized bracelets (by Bedazzled). Everyone also brought home goodie bags filled with crafty freebies from the different artists and partners of the stores. On top of this, snacks and drinks were sponsored by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The success of the event was first of the many to come. Last September 26-October 2, The Craft Central celebrated its Grand Opening Weekend. Open to the public, guests engaged in different craft stations of workshops and demos from partner artists.

To stay updated with The Craft Central’s different events, offers and promotions, follow us on Instagram (www.instagram.com/thecraftcentral) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/TheCraftCentral).

If you wish to buy craft supplies and hand-made products online, shop all you want at www.thecraftcentral.com.

For any inquiries, you may contact us via email at info@thecraftcentral.com.


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