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October is one of my favorite months because the weather gets colder and you can just basically wear anything that you like when it comes to mix and matching different fashion pieces. This is the best month for experimenting some fashion statements that will suit your personality and preferences. If you’re an office-working woman, you can still go to work while slaying the fashioniverse

Running out of ideas where and what to shop for this season? Well, you can go ahead and get stylish outfits at StyleWe. I really love this online store because I can find different fashion ideas there. Aside from that, their clothes are all fashionable and you can find anything whether it’s for summer or fall season. I have been shopping online since I started this blog and I can compare their clothes to other online stores and I can tell you the big difference.

They always have different promotions if you’re into discounts. You can check their Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals and get discounted clothes for your needs. So before anything else, I have my favorites from this website and if you like them, you can recreate or get it directly from StyleWe

If you're into denim this season, you should get this cute dress. I like the combination of green and black. It looks so chic yet still appropriate for Friday office wear. Those two huge side pockets are also giving this dress the look of casual and simplicity. Wear this dress with a cute little handbag and heels to perfect that dressy, office-girl look.

In love with black and white? Then this is perfect for you. You can wear this to events and meetings. I like black and white because it always look effortlessly put together and you can also pair it with any other colors of accessories.

Here's another version of the black and white attire that you may like to wear during working days. 

Stripes are classic and they never go out of style. You just have to pick the best one that is appropriate to the event or working environment that you're into. I like this dress because it looks elegant.

All these outfits are perfect for your everyday work in the office or for casual days when you're lazy but you still want to look good. There's no such thing like ugly or not fashionable with these clothes from StyleWe. Check their website and look at their offers that is perfect for your October OOTD's.


  1. Love the last look so elegant.


  2. Nice picks xoxo



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