Caramoan: A Travel Diary with TravelbookPH and Al Del Rio Villa

Picturesque view, nice accommodation and good food are just few of the best things that I have experienced from the last weekend's trip to Caramoan, Camarines Sur. To those who are not yet familiar with Caramoan, it is one of the most-visited tourist beach attractions here in the Philippines that you must include on your bucketlist. 

Me and this blog was lucky enough to experience Caramoan for the first time. Thanks to http://travelbook.ph for choosing me as one of the lucky fifteen bloggers to spend an amazing weekend there. Winning on a contest like this seldom happens to me. Honestly, it is a struggle to go on an almost ten hours of travel going there including the zigzag road but as soon as we get to Al Del Rio Villa, we felt fine. 

We were greeted with welcoming smiles of Ms. Mau, her dad and her mom who is the owner of Al Del Rio Villa. They even prepared a delicious breakfast before we arrive to their place. Al Del Rio Villa is a place where you can stay in Caramoan and feel the cozy vibe which I can say that this place is your home away from home. The owners are all hospitable and approachable. They are one of the kindest people I have ever met in my whole life.

Day 1: Longganisa and vinegar, rice and egg for breakfast.

Al Del Rio Villa's living room

We also did a short tour on their Villa and it was good. They have nice rooms to accommodate their guests. We stayed in the barkada room wherein almost twelve people can fit in. It has beds which can be good for sharing. Ms. Mau also took us outside to see their cute tree house with an attic. 

Cute little tree house of Al Del Rio Villa

 Scenic view at Matukad Beach

After breakfast, we just had time for a quick change of clothes and choosing our beds then we head to the port wherein there was a boat waiting for us to go for our Day 1 island hopping. One of the best things that Al Del Rio Villa can offer is that they are just two to three minutes walk away from the port unlike any other resorts.

Our first stop was in Matukad Beach. I experienced climbing on that tall rock island to see the scenic view and figure out if I can see the milkfish. So why the milkfish? Ms. Mau and the other people of Caramoan told us about the "Tale of the Milkfish in Caramoan". I don't want to be a spoiler, so if you want to know about it you'll get the answers from your curiosity when you visit the Matukad Beach.

Bloggers having fun at Lahos beach

Meters away from Matukad beach,our next destination was the Lahos island. The bloggers had some fun swimming in the crystal clear water while I just chose to stay on the sand and take more photos.

Sunset at Yupakit beach

Our day ended perfectly with this gorgeous sunset at Yupakit beach. It is an island owned by the family of Ms. Maureen who happens to be the owner of Al Del Rio Villa.

Day 1 Dinner was served with crabs, chicken tinola and boiled okra

I am telling you, the foods being served for us at Al Del Rio Villa was the most rewarding part of the Caramoan trip. Their mouth-watering seafoods and fresh vegetables are perfect to calm my angry tummy. (Haha!)  My co-bloggers had some fun with the karaoke. As we all know, we Filipinos love the karaoke so much but that doesn't happen to be my point of interest because I can't sing. Hehe, sorry guys! I just don't want to ruin the perfect weather with my ugly voice. Okay, self-harassment.

Crystal clear water at Sabitang laya beach

The first destination for the Day 2 trip was the Sabitang Laya island. I was mesmerized with the clear water and long white shores. We sat under the small tress and sharing stories while embracing its beauty. This a perfect spot to take more photos, so I did!

Amazing view of Sabitang Laya island

the cute floating cottage where we ate our lunch

We went to Manlawe sandbar to eat our lunch inside the cute and sinking floating cottage. (Lol, not sinking I am justjoking!) It feels good to experience eating lunch with the witty bloggers inside this cottage. It was full of laughter and stories.

Here's our mouth-watering lunch for the second day trip. I like the grilled squid with calamansi and soy sauce as well as the laing which is said to be one of the Bicol region's sepecialty aside from the famous Bicol express. (Writing this makes me crave for it! It is called self-torture!)

The last and my favorite place that we visited in Caramoan is the Guinahoan island which is considered to have the most picturesque view. The mesmerizing real-life painting was just about five to ten minutes trek and it was worth it.

If you're planning to go to Caramoan, make sure that you take time to visit this mesmerizing island because I can't even take my eyes off its beauty. I took so many photos on this island compared to the others because it truly deserves the attention and be appreciated by many people. Here are some of the photos that I took and hopefully, you can see what I just saw on this place.

It was the best experience in my life and right now, I feel the separation anxiety. Separation from the scenic islands, separation from the delicious foods and separation from the witty people who have been part of my life even just for three days.

This is just the start of many things that we can benefit from blogging. After deciding to join the http://affiliate.travelbook.ph program I have also learned that earning some bucks while traveling can help us discover the beauty of our country and find the dreams that we just used to day dream.

Thank you so much TravelbookPH and Al Del Rio Villa for this wonderful weekend getaway!



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