Head turner: How to be a selfie expert (In a funny way)


First and foremost, I know you're reading this because you also want to be an expert on taking selfies but, I want you to know I don't like taking selfies. Want to be a head turner? Read my story. Okay, here's me trying to get the best angle of my grandmother's house. (Hahaha) Did I get the perfect lighting for my face? So I think,number one is go for natural lighting. 

Next, I am so insecure of my face so I used a blurry camera for this selfie. If you're insecure, do what I did. I hate taking selfies.

I feel so pretty with my pink lipstick, okay? Lol. Find your best angle and show the most perfect side view if you were not given a chance of having that pointed nose. Find your angle. Yes, I hate taking selfies.

On this photo, I just cried because my mom got mad at me for not sharing every blessing that I get. I went to my room and I got the confidence, if you can't notice. Be confident even if you just cried. Confidence is the key, and yes I hate taking selfies

My cousin said I am not beautiful so as a way of being kind to people, I just listened to music and smiled. So I guess the next step is to smile and be kind to people  when taking selfies. I mean, be sensitive. Cousin, you're forgiven. Peace! I still hate taking selfies.

This was when my sister gave me a hair makeover.I don't like it,it's ugly but to not hurt anyone's feeling I know how to appreciate. Sixth step, appreciate. Do not just delete the selfie that you just took for hundred times.

Next step is love your pet. Even if it is sleeping, show some love by smiling near them. So here's me showing some love. Yes, I hate taking selfies.

Eight step, just be yourself and don't mind them. Yes, I hate taking selfies.

The final step is love yourself. No matter how blurry or light your life is, learn to smile and show it to the world. C'mon I need that Oppo F1s in my life and receive an award just like Sarah Geronimo. Now if you follow my advice you can be the next head turner!

Okay, I hate it when I don't take selfies. Hehe.



  1. You look beautiful dear. Love all the pictures.


  2. Hahaha! This sure is full of wit and sarcasm (in a nice and funny way). :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. You have very beautiful hair!
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