Zaful: The Black and White Wishlist

Black and white are my favorite. If I am to choose anything which symbolizes elegance, sophisticated and dramatic clothing I will always choose white and prints. Aside from being wearable to any occasion and events, these dresses are easy to pull off and partner with different colorful accessories. 
It's  been a long time since I bought clothes for myself so today, I this post is going to be my black and white wishlist featuring one of the best fashion destination website that I just discover last weekend called ZAFUL. If you don't know about this website, let me introduce you to it and I am sure, you'll be amazed with what they offer.

Zaful is your one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Their affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista. The original idea is to share the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing with fashion-forward, free-thinking girls, and we offer the fast fashion worldwide.

Now that you know something about Zaful, here are my two wishlist from their website.

I love striped dresses. This Striped Racerback U Neck Sundress is really simple if you look at from the back. I love simple designs with a simple cut.

The front of this gorgeous affordable black striped dress is omg!!! I love stripes. At first look, I fell in love to it and I thought that this dress fits my style and personality. This is going to be an additional to my stripes collections. It looks unique and surely, it will be stunning when worn at events and occasions. Would you believe that this dress is for only $19.49?

For white, I like to have this Pineapple Print Halter Crop Top and Shorts Suit which can be perfect if you want to look girly and fun. It is perfect to wear on the beach if you don't really want to wear a bikini and still look appropriate. Me and my friends are going to Boracay so I guess this one will be perfect to wear!

Own a white dress that will surely keep you looking feminine yet stylish for only $16.99. 

Looking for affordable dresses? It's time to get something that will worth the price. I am loving Zaful now and I know, you ladies will also want to shop on this website. Good thing is, they are always on sale and offer different promotions that will make you save more!

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Dress modestly without spending too much!



  1. really nice post! thank you very much for sharing :)

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  2. Nice choice. Thanks so much for stopping by. xoxoxo


  3. Great post!
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  4. great picks! i love the black and white dress !


  5. I'm in love with black and white dress :) Is my favourite from this two outfits :) Of course I visit Zaful page :)


  6. Pretty selection! I adore black and white styles!



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