What to Wear: ApparelCandy Comfortable in White

I am so in love with white. These days, I am into white tops and dresses because it looks so elegant and chic. I am planning to shop for new clothes because I want to wear something white and trendy for my upcoming trip this August and Apparel Candy has the most affordable and stylish clothing. If you haven’t checked their website, here’s a little introduction about them for your reference.

Apparel Candy is the best place if you’re looking for everything. When I say everything, you’ll find clothing, accessories to cosmetics. I would also like to emphasize that they offer the most affordable clothing in the World Wide Web. Planning to buy more? Avail of their wholesale clothing offer and save more from your purchases!

You’re lucky if you’re living in the US because they have a physical shop in Los Angeles. Aside from the affordable items that you can find there, they also have different wholesale clothing tips for additional ideas that you can learn for buying it in bulk. I like it when a clothing company is not just for selling their products but knows how to give the best information for their customers.

I also like putting colors on my nails and Apparel Candy offers different gorgeous nail polishes. I am into light colors but sometimes, I like doing experiments and try to put on dark colors.

My upcoming trip will not be completed without pairs of cute sunglasses. Okay, I know it’s not summer yet but I will be getting more sunglasses to add in my collections. I can wear sunglasses whenever there is sun anyway.

The most comfortable things that I like to wear since I am now working at home are slippers! I love them and I can finally say that I work comfortably in slippers!

Go and happy shopping!


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