How to Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program

Day dreaming on how you can earn money while staying at home? How about thinking about that job that lets you travel? A traveler like me always got those questions at the back of my head. However, there are few best deals and ways to make money online. I am not kidding. With this post, and http://travelbook.ph/ you’re lucky to find one of the best opportunities in affiliate marketing. 

Why you should choose TRAVELBOOK?

There are many brands and industries that offer affiliate marketing and if you’re into exploring different places here in the Philippines, you must join one that lets you enjoy other perks of travelling aside from earning cash. Just in case you’re not yet familiar with TRAVEBOOK, here is a short information about them.
They are one of the fastest growing online travel e-commerce company also called online travel agent here in the Philippines and started their services last March 2013. They have been successful in increasing customers and social media followers ever since. Aside from promoting tourism here in the Philippines, they have the same goals as you which includes gaining new experiences, share priceless moments with friends or loved ones, strengthen family bonds and to educate people about the destinations in the Philippines.

How can you earn from being a TRAVELBOOK affiliate?

Okay, I know you’re excited to know more about it so here are the ways on how you can benefit from TRAVELBOOK affiliate marketing.
The first thing is by signing up to http://affiliate.travelbook.ph/, so you can get to promote TravelBook.ph and its selection of more than 2,000 hotels.
So how will you do it? The important thing to remember is you should own a blog or a website so that you can promote through simple promo tools like banner ads, links, and widgets. Of course, that doesn’t end there. If you have different social media accounts you can also share your posts to your friends and followers and get to visit your website.

Benefits of being a TRAVELBOOK affiliate

In every booking you make you can earn as much as 65% commission rate. Wait, there’s more! Travelers and bloggers like us should seek different new ways of learning to have additional knowledge about digital marketing and at TRAVELBOOK, you can also receive exciting perks such as free digital marketing training. It is a training with a goal to help you gain success on monetizing your website or blog for free! How cool is that? Aside from it, you’ll also have the chance to score free trips to different destinations and hotel staycations which we always dream about as a traveler! At TRAVELBOOK, all your daydreams can come true, with a little bit of effort and lots of hardwork!

Those are the simple steps that you need to earn money for your savings or funds for your next travel destinations as they have already laid out everything for you. You don’t have to worry because we TRAVELBOOK has an accurate tracking system. If a customer comes from your site to TRAVELBOOK, and then books for their services, then that’s already a successful earnings for you! Earn extra cash and other rewards to get the most of affiliate marketing perks!



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