Fashion Illustrations + Life Updates

It's been months since I did a life update post and today, let me share something about my current life and plans. 

As of the moment, I am okay with working full time at home as a freelancer. This is the job that I've been dreaming ever since I started working. I just need to figure out to be independent and disciplined to meet my clients' deadlines and needs. I am happy that I am able to find this job that lets me work at the comfort of our home and do other things.

I am planning to do fashion illustrations because it is my passion since I was young. I know it is not that easy at first but I am so excited to publish my upcoming first collection. I am going to create a new blog dedicated to my fashion illustration collections.

Oh by the way, I already started to upload videos on my Youtube channel and will make schedules to make it consistent.

That's all and I am hoping to see you on my next blog post!



  1. lovely post! Happy Friday :)


  2. Really cool illustrations! Cant wait to see more!


  3. In love <3

    Federica Di Nardo


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