Happy 26th Birthday!

I know the title is kinda awkward but I do like saying "Happy Birthday" to myself. I can't believe I am 26 and old. Lol. I just want to take this opportunity to say thank God for this life. I know this life is not perfect but I guess I am blessed to have this. I wish my family and the people that I love the best for their lives and everything that they dream may come true. I am old enough for cheesy things but I know it will be worth to be cheesy now.

If I am going to list all the things that I am thankful for, it will be very long but I just want to say thank you for those people who have been there for the good times and bad times of my life. I should act matured but yea, I am trying haha! I have so many dreams and plans and hopefully with God, I will achieve it. I know. I can, with Him. I am not going to get a cake or get a celebration party because I will be doing something fun and relaxing at the end of the month so I guess that's all. #moreblessings #thankful #TheZigzagLaneAuthorBirthday #zaneat26 #May2016


  1. Happy birthday Zane! Hope you have the most wonderful thing ever! Have great days <3




  2. I'm 26 birthday in October and also can't believe that I have been so many years!
    All the best! : D

    Twisted Mouse

  3. Happy Birthday beauty! Best wishes :)



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