Package-Claiming Experience 2015

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Here's my not-so-good experience the last time that I claimed my package from one of my collaborations. The package that I got was from a clothing company in China. I admit, the items is not really expensive so that means that those items are affordable and sent to me as a gift. 

They sent the package last July before the month end and I just received it this September. Our post office didn't even bother to call or text me to inform that my packages was already at their office since August 14. I decided to get their contact number through Internet and they said that my package was at their office and ready for claim. Since that I got no time to get it because of work, I asked them if someone authorized by me can claim it. They said yes, I only have to provide the authorization letter with my signature and my one valid ID. They also said that the person that will claim it should bring his or her valid ID. So I did. I asked if my cousin can claim it. When he was already at the post office, he said that he waited like an hour to wait for the personnel who gives the post office notice to claim my package. When he was going to claim my package, I was shocked when he texted me that I have to pay like half price of what is inside my package. I was really because that was my first time experiencing too much taxes for my package. The last time I got a package, I only paid 100php and I think that is the normal process. I felt really bad paying for certain items that was only sent as a gift. I hate how people from the customs are! Shame on you guys! Its okay for me to pay taxes but I think their computations are not fair.


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