iWhite Whitening Facial Cream Review

Hello everyone! So I got to try this cute facial cream from iWhite and I was really amazed with the packaging. Look at that! It has a happy color-orange.

I wasn't into facial cares this month. I just don't know why. Maybe I was really too busy to put so much effort on my skin but I know that's wrong. Last week when I have to go to the grocery and buy some stuff for the next two weeks, I was really curios with this facial cream so I basically got one to try at home. Nothing fancy but it made my skin smoother although I don't like that it doesn't really blend with my oily skin. This product is nice and I used it as my face powder base. I need to try their facial wash too. I just like to add that iWhite is super affordable that you don't have to worry about spending too much on skin care.


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    1. Parang 20php ata sis nakalimutan ko na haha.

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