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Hi everyone! Today is Saturday and I am not feeling well. I woke up feeling cold and have watery eyes now.  I feel so sleepy because of the medicine that I just took this morning. I should’ve have taken it before bed time. I have too many red spots on my skin which are too itchy and can’t help but to scratch it. I managed to go to work but I am planning to go home early to take a rest. Sunday is the only day for me to have a longer sleep in the morning. I work at a regular office time six days a week.

The photo above is on the ground floor which means our office is just located on the second floor of the building. I can say that I am comfortable with my current job but I am still in the adjustment period. I like working with numbers and doing reports so I am able to love this kind of job now. I am not closing my doors to being a full time blogger but this is just all the start of everything that I want to achieve. Living in a new city far away from my family is okay but I can’t help but miss them. I’m used to being away for months and cope up with a new environment. How are you guys doing? Can you tell me something about your life? I mean, I am writing in my new blog URL so I feel that I am talking on the stage in front of the chairs only. (haha!) I decided to change the url of this blog for some changes and I like it.

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  1. I really love your blog the fact that u share like random things!
    I'm gonna follow your blog! Btw take good care of yourself


  2. Hope you feel better dear !


  3. Hopeyou are feeling abit better now,have a great weekend and take lots of rest dear


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