Missing in action

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA lately. I haven't posted the past few months because I've been into situations that I have to keep on my priority. I love blogging but there are times that I have to do something. I am planning to make an schedule here and hopefully, I can make it soon! 
How about an update post as my great come back? Haha I always say it! 

Now, I am really happy and thankful! The past few months, I just stayed at home thinking of things on how to be productive and today I finally got a job! Yay! I am now working in a vehicle or transportation industry. I am working with numbers again and I'm kind of comfortable with it. As soon as my schedule is fixed, I'll make sure to put times on here so that I can share you something informative. That is the newest thing about me today. I'm living in a different city with my cousins and that's fine. I mean, a new environment id what I need. I did went out of my comfort zone and trying to go with the flow and live happily. 

I already told you guys that I have a second blog which I post some girly things. Something different will come here soon (on this website). I love writing and travel so that'll give you some hint. 

So what's new in your life? I like reading your comments!


Thanks for visiting my blog, any comments are surely appreciated =) Just don't forget to leave a link to your blog because I always try to follow and comment too! xx

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