Dresslink Favorites

Hello everyone! I am so happy that my wish list from Dresslink has finally arrived! I like how fast their transaction is and I am very much honored to be a part of this collaboration.
One of the beautiful things that I got from them is this little cute coin purse. It looks more cute when I finally received it!

The next thing is this cute black crop top! If you want to have the same top, you can have it and search in their website.

The best among the three is the baby pink dress. It looks super cute and flow-y. I like the texture and it feels so comfortable.

 I am so blessed to have worked with Dresslink and I highly recommend it to those ladies out there who are looking for fashionable yet affordable items. Go ahead and happy shopping!

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  1. I love the purse and the crop top is my style, i have a similar one recently. The Peach-Pink dress looks cute on y0u! <3


  2. I love the cat purse! So cute.

    { sparklesideup.com }

  3. Such cute post, I like.Maybe we could follow each other, let me know :)

  4. Sweet! <3


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