Take Time To Relax

 Hello my dearest! I wasn't able to blog about anything for the past few days because I've been into those kinds of days where I lost my interest facing the computer but I did tried to make some post and be dedicated to what I love. If you haven't checked yet, I have a new blog which I just started this month and I am so happy to announce that within a month, a few dedicated work and now there was a nice opportunity came! 
 I also finished the contract where I work full time but I'm happy and contented right now. I got a call from them Yesterday asking if I still want to work for them again. I must say YES. I am going to take some exams and interviews again but that's fine with me. Time's so fast, can't wait to take more photos and blog posts for you guys. Now I am in the middle of taking time slowly and enjoying every minute of chances to relax.

Have a relaxing time my dear!



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  2. I look like those kittens from 2am-12 noon :)

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  4. They look so cute!! <3

  5. Great cats<3 So cute
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