I love to #BlogWithNuffnang

Since I started blogging, I was signed up already for Nuffnang. To count how much time I've been with nuffnang, I think we're already two years together in the blogging world. I did signed up for lots of ad network for a trial and error thing but I can't still unsigned or remove Nuffnang with my blog because it is one of the biggest ad network in the Philippines which do lots of give-aways, make some blogger events and create some worth-to-join contest. 

This contest that I joined is a good contest for some bloggers like me using sub-domain. I did bought my own domain for a year and sad to share that it was already expired so I am trying my luck to win this. I deserve it because I've been a certified Nuffnanger ever since I started this blog. I read some reviews about this ad network, there are some pro's and con's yet I decided to stay with them. For me, Nuffnang is the best ad network for some bloggers like me who just enjoy the blogosphere, meeting new bloggers with the same interests and join to this kind of contests.
Nuffnang rocks!


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like. Great advices. Keep in touch

  2. Sounds great! I just got my own dot com domain! :) happy about it made it finally!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful


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