Kittens all Around

So the past few weeks were really some busy weeks from me because I have been doing a lot of papers. You're kind of confuse where? Well, I am going to have a new work and I am so happy for that. It was an answered prayer because I always wanted to work during ber-months. Wanna know why? Because I need some bucks to buy some gifts for my little "inaanak". I am a fairy God Mother hehehe.I should know my responsibilities and obligations.

So to keep you entertained, just look at these cute kitties from different side of the world.

I love here ever since I followed her. Go check her website.

Tomas the cat. One of my Aunt's kitty.

And this is kitty. She has no specific name that's why she is kitty. hehe



  1. Hello from Spain: lovely cats. Keep in touch

  2. Cutie kittens!



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