First Day of the Last Month for 2014

Hello sweethearts! So today's December 1 and I know Christmas is coming! Who's as excited as I am? Before anything else, I went out with my best friend last Saturday and to give you my FOTD that day, here it is!

I am wearing my Vigan T-shirt that I got straight from Vigan! I love collecting T-shirts from different places here in the Philippines. (Although I haven't been to Vigan) It's the only T-shirt that I got from a place where I haven't been yet! So next goal.....
I just had a face powder and pink lippie for this day!

I was too bored at home and sometimes when I and my LD-buddy talk on the phone, he send me small things to make me smile like this sweetie named Angelo. (Just a pic ha, not the real cat)

I watched a news about colorful cord protector so I got some for my charger and earphones. I love pink, and my favorite shade of green. 

I woke up early this morning and decided to have a cup of coffee! This calls for an amazing day ahead. As you all know (maybe) that I am addicted to coffee. (hehe)

I can smell the smell of Christmas and see lots of colorful, shiny decorations.

Happy December loveleees! Do you want me to make a Christmas Blog Series? I made one last February but that is for  Valentines Day. Leave me your comments below!



  1. Hi zane dear! IT's been a while, I'm glad to have read your blog again. Your cat is so cute :) ♥♥♥


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