Summer No Make-Up Look

Hello lovely readers! I'm back again with my first ever summer "no make-up" look. (Yeah, I know guys I don't wear make-up for almost everyday of my life.)

You just basically need a nice BB cream, a pressed powder, concealer and a pink lipstick. (Lip colors usually do the most of the make-up job during summer because we girls all know that it's not really good to wear heavy eye make-ups during the hot season because most of the make-up will easily melt off especially if you're going on too many occasions and events.) If you want to give some drama effect, just curl your lashes and put on some small amount of mascara. (Well, I have no lashes haha I mean, it's really short.)

You just have to clean and moisturize before you put on your BB Cream, blend it well and finish it with your favorite brand of pressed powder. Make sure you also put some on your neck so that they will be balance in color. Lastly, add some colors on your lips, you may choose your favorite colors but mine is that pink lipstick. I also want a coral lip color for summer. You'll notice that I don't put on too much focus on my brows. Yes, I don't fill in my eyebrows because they were already dark and I don't know how to give it a shape. (Can someone help? hehe.) I just don't like going to a salon and give my brows a new look. So that's it.


Happy Summer, Smile Everyone.
Remember that you're beautiful!
Make-up is an art. Live no limits.


  1. You look good without makeup too :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

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  3. What a beaut sans makeup! If I want to give my brows a little more definition, I normally just use a brown eye shadow 3 shades lighter than my brow color (I have naturally black hair) and very lightly fill in a bit. To give a little more definition at the edges/bottom, I'll use a shade slightly darker but still lighter than my natural brow color. Hope that helps, but your brows are already beautiful!



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