March HairCut and Way to Success

 It's March 2014! I am so excited for May (Oh yeah, that's 2 months from now) because I'm turning 24. I'm still all about finding myself, what I really want and keeping my faith to success. I have figured out some of what I really want in life but it's kind of incomplete yet so I've decided to start something new and ways to attain my goals and objectives in life.

As a start of this month, I looked on the mirror and I realized, I want a haircut. It's not a new haircut anyway but I want a little trim because I think my hair ends are getting dry and dry as the grow longer. Here, take a look at my hair ends. I didn't changed the color of my hair. I just want a short inch cut to remove the split ends.


Before I forget to tell you guys, I am going back to my Home City because I am getting and sorting some of my documents that I may be needing for future purposes. I realized that if I want some changes in my life, I really have to move forward and start doing something for it. And, (okay I'm not yet finished) I have to tell you that I really miss the flowers in front of out house like these. (Look at the photo below) I remember my childhood memories with my grandparents when I see simple things like these.

The flowers are refreshing. Old days.

Okay, back to my hair. Here's the look after I went to a Hair Dresser and had my hair trimmed.
What do you think?



  1. Your new hair looks lovely! I decided today that I'm gonna get mine cut a few inches shorter soon, I haven't cut it in about 3 years though so I'm a little scared to go shorter!

    Phoebe-Cate x

  2. Hello from Spain: great new hairstyle. Keep in touch

  3. Hi gorgeous! Your blog is really great, plus the layout is so colorful and happy! Would you like to follow each other? Just tell me in which network you're following me and I'll de the same :)
    Kisses from Argentina



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