Bright Side of Insecurities

Hello there my dearest readers! Today, I am posting a different post compared to my other topics such as reviews and random girl stuff. This post is all about me, my insecurities and what I really feel about it. I've been blogging for almost a year and a half and I want to go on further with this hobby which really makes me feel happy, but as the time goes by I am becoming conscious about my looks in photos and I kinda see myself ugly. (hehe)

I colored my hair too many times! (I think three times) I feel like I always have a bad hair day but when I learned to appreciate how it looks and every time I think of some people who have thinner and those who suffer from heavy hair fall, I am thankful that mine is okay and healthier.

I also feel insecure with my chin. I am so skinny and my face is really small. When I look on the mirror, sometimes I can see my chin and it's kinda pointed. I don't care anyway, I can't change it quickly until I gain weight. I know most of the people are trying to lose weight but for me, I like to gain more weight and be healthier. I don't like having a super thin body but I am not that really conscious and try so hard to get the weight that I want.

Next is my nose. Well, you can see it! (hehe) I have these great words for that. AS LONG AS I CAN BREATH. So yeah, no more explanation. Even though I have this kind of nose, I love it and I'm not even thinking of having a nose job. I just included my nose because some of my friends are saying that my nose isn't that nice, blah blah..

I got this huge insecurity for my teeth! Look at my teeth, it's not really well aligned and I am shy to smile sometimes because of that big tooth leaning forward in my mouth. (Hahaha!) I just don't care but yeah, I think of getting braces soon. (It's a bit pricey and I have to save for that). I still manage to give my sweetest smile even though I don't have perfect teeth. That's what you call CONFIDENCE.

I am me, I am not pretty, I am not cute but I AM BEAUTIFUL (haha!)
Should I get braces or not?
What do you think?


  1. Hi! :) We have opposite problems. I have a big face because of my chubby cheeks. I wanted to have a smaller face because I believe that it is better than a big one. On the other hand, my front teeth has a gap. I also wanted to have braces because this gap takes my confidence when I'm smiling. But I have no money yet for braces. So I still have to save for that. :)

    1. We'll both save for braces Jill-yan and I hope we both get better result from it :-)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Interesting post! You are beautiful! I have big teeth, but I don't think about them often :p I follow you via GFC, can you follow me back? x


    1. Thanks you, Followed you back already :-)

  3. thank you for your nice comment! followed you back :)
    kisses, Alina

    Project Germany

  4. you are so beautiful darling!♥:) we all have some insecurities but we should embrace them, because they make us unique!:) lovely post!♥


  5. Omg you colored your hair three times and you say that's much, how about 103 times, yeah that's me and my hair.
    And friends who say you have ugly this or that are not really friends. You are so cute and everything about you makes you unique!!! xo


  6. Love your blog!
    I followed you, hope you can follow our Street Style Blog back :) Hope you like it!



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