Laziness + Officemate's Birthday

I was really thinking too much this week and I haven't had some quite time for an OOTD. Today, I am wearing my England Flag printed top and a blue leggings. I was too lazy to have some effort doing this shots  yet I want to share how I manage to smile even though my mind is occupied with lots of things.

Simple gray yet I love how this top changed its colors into a cute silver under sunlight.

I also have my light brown shoes with golden Tiger's eye design in front. It's so cute and I bought it in a very very cheap price. 

To stay in focus at work, I had some strawberries from one of my co-worker!

Before I forgot, we celebrated one of our office mate's 20th birthday. We had a palabok in bilao and a cute cake.

Me and Zarah. I was so busy taking photos. (As usual)

These are the people I had to see and talk mostly everyday, I don't know but I am a little sad especially when it comes to my mind that a week from now, I do have to say goodbye to them. I know, it's hard to adjust again in a different place with different people and different work routine but I want to try it. I just want to say I was so blessed for having sometime with these amazing people!

You made me stronger than I ever expected. Cheers guys!



  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations to your colleague. I like your shirt. Nice pictures. Keep in touch.

  2. Oh I love those flats! Happy b-day to all of you guys! ;)


  3. Great shoes dear :)

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  4. amazing..!


  5. Even if you guys have to part, I'm sure you'll still be friends. Good luck with getting acquainted with new surroundings. :)
    Lazy day outfits can be cute too. It's always fun to wear the Union Jack and I think you chose a good color for the leggings by adding color instead of just choosing something like black.

    Invisible Blush

  6. lovely outfit!:) the flats are gorgeous!♥


  7. Nice top and flats.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place


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