Holiday Treats 2014

Start your year with a smile, things to share and everything will lead to a whole year round of happiness and blessings!

The best of my 2014 just started with these things which came before and after January 1st. There are lots of new blessings to be thankful for and new lives to love, become part of my life and embrace by myself everyday.

Read and look at the photos below.

Our very own dog had her first set of puppies last week and I was amazed with them. She has now six healthy and cute puppies to take good care.

Before I visit my family in different city, I was thinking of getting myself a dog and little did I know that we already have them, all I have to do is take care of one because these puppies are all cute I don't know which one to choose.

Oh how I missed this little girl beside me!


New year's eve isn't complete without these yummy treats! These foods are all simple yet I helped in preparations. We had some spaghetti, carbonara, Adobo, Ham and Veggies to eat for New Year's eve.

Dynamite - one of my favorite food cooked by my best friend! Guess what? It was made up of green hot pepper with cheese and meat inside and wrapped with lumpia wrapper! Perfect! We call it dynamite because as we all know, green hot pepper is a mix taste of hot and spicy!

Traditional fruit arrangements and bread.

Sweet treat! Chocolate cake is also here to tickle our sweet tooth!

For a holiday beauty treats, I had myself some new products to use for the beginning of the year!

The set includes a Papaya Whitening Lotion, Nichido Black Eyeliner, Hair Cuticle, San- San BB Cream (oh, I love BB Cream these days!) Avon pressed powder and my Avon orange lipstick.

Share our blessings everyone and be thankful always!



  1. Nice post. Those puppies are so cute. ^_^

  2. OMG. this post is so amazing. I absolutely LOVE the photos! the food looks sooooo yummy -- how delicious. I see so many of my favorite foods! LOL I also love the make up picks! great job, and thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoy those puppies! I have been telling my boyfriend I want a kitten--- hopefully this year I get one!! hehe :)

    I am a new follower of yours and would love it if you followed me back! let me know chica!

    Rica x0x
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  4. Lovely puppies, yummy food and beauty treats. So good!! Happy new year to you!
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  6. I love it! Thanks for sharing! :) Happy New Year!
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  8. I love it! Thanks for sharing! :) Happy New Year!
    P.S. What do you think about following each other? I'd be really glad if you wanted to! :) Let me know x

  9. Oh my lord, how cute!!!


  10. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!



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