Face Your Fears 2014

Face your fears! Those words are still in my mind right now and I really don't know what to do. I can't decide whether I'll explore or just stay in my comfort zone this year. This is such a brainstorming time of my life where I have to do a big choice and create a better decision which can make me happy or not. Have you been in the same situation like mine today? I mean, you want to go explore and try new things but you're kind of scared to be rejected and roam around new places and be independent.

Do I have to leave or not? It's all about getting a new job and facing new challenges in my life or just continue working unhappily.

What do you think? Help!



  1. I think everyone has this dilemma sometimes♥ I'd face the changes and try new things in life♥ Happy New Year darling!:)



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