Remember December Pleasures

Hello Saturday! Time flies and we're on the 7th already. This day is very special to me because I'm waiting for something and from someone. (Guess what?) Maybe a gift? Or the love of my life? Evil grin. Enough for this and let's talk about how I spent some days of December 2013.

Look at these photos. Soon it will fade but the memories will lasts forever. This was my office mate. She left and transferred to a new office which that means I can't hang out with her for the meantime. Well, see you girl on Holidays!

Me with my new Office mate. She's beautiful and has a great smile. We'll create much memories and fun times! Welcome to the world of Working Girls. 

Too many paper works. Let's go out and eat some salad. :-)

Caesar salad and Carbonara at Pizza Hut.

And please remember things which you can see everywhere this month.

Colorful lights and stars.

Sooo good to hang-out with my girlfriends after that long tiring and pressured work.

And yes, I am the photographer. Lol. I have no choice.

Happy Saturday.




  1. Colorful lights always excites me..

  2. Great post! Nice photos!

    Best wishes,

  3. Great blog, divine photos <3
    Follow for follow?

  4. Hello from Spain: beautiful Christmas photos. . Keep in touch


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