Christmas Colors

Oh what a colorful day! It's December 26 and I can still feel Christmas all over the world. How was your Christmas eve? (I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with all your families and loved ones.) Let's talk about colors. We all know that during this season, we used to see lots of sparkling and colorful things around us. From decors to clothes, foods to drinks and I'm thinking how about nail colors and lip colors? Let me show you what I've got for this Holiday season.

I do have different nail polishes such as Klik, OMG, Color Trends and Caronia. Look at their colors.

My favorite among these four is the pink one. It's so girly and cute.

Since it's Christmas, we can play with different nail colors such as blue, orange and yellow.

Which one is your color?

I also bought this cute  San-San make-up set from HBC. It has a cute design and different colors of lipsticks.

The pressed powder was so natural and nice that compliments for most skin types. You just have to blend it right.

For eyes, the colors are just light which is perfect for simple day make-up.

The kit also includes a mini brush, eye shadow applicator and cute pressed powder sponge.

So what colors do you prefer for the Holiday season?
Merry Christmas.


  1. Lovely stuff :)

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  2. Hi! :) Wonderful post! I like red & pink for Christmas :))
    Merry Christmas! :) Have a nice holidays!
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    Marentora :)

  3. thankssss by this post!!!


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  5. Love the pink shades of the palette!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Sure I'll follow you, feel free to follow back! XO


  6. Hello from Spain: beautiful nail polish. Great colors. Keep in touch

  7. Nice colors :)



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