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Are you happy with your work? Do you find yourself too stressed every time you wake up in the morning and feels like you don’t want to go but you have to? That’s a sign that you’re not happy anymore with your job. Maybe you just want to go to work because of the salary and benefits you can get or you just don’t want your boss to get disappointed on you. Let’s admit it, we sometimes feel like we want to quit but we have consider some things before going on to that thinking. Why wouldn’t we try to be happy and contented first before we quit? I mean, try to be happy with our work and we can change things for a better result.
Here are some motivations for you to try on. (I am not professional on this but I hope this will help.)

Have a good night sleep. You need it. You don’t want to go to work with those baggy eyes and sleepy feeling. You need to have a fresh start every morning so that you can keep your focus on your every task.

Eat on time. Just because you have work doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll forget your health. Eat before you go to work. Have lunch with your closest office mates and have a good dinner every night with your family. (If you’re living alone like me, always prepare your food. Be ready. Make a habit of not skipping any of three meals per day)

Put some colors on your table. If you’re working in an office, make sure you can see some pop of colors. Whether it is sticky notes, flowers and frames. It’s good for your eyes to see some hues so that your mind will remain lively. (You don’t like a boring table with only black and gray colors J)
 Treat yourself during payday. Eat out with friends, movies, spend some time playing your favorite sports or even have a short out of town vacation that you can afford so you will forget those pressures and go back with a new set of objective at work.
 Don’t always have an over time. Finish your assigned work and never force yourself to more about that when it’s already 5:00pm (means time to go home)

 Be systematic. Keep track of your daily planner so that you know which task is to be done first. Avoid too much multi-tasking or you will end up being haggard and more pressure will come to you which will cause stress. (yeah, I hate that word)

 Have your favorite music with you. Life without music is boring so you can’t live home without your ipod or mp3. Just make sure you’re listening to those lively not on those who are too emotional that can make you sad and depressed.

  Surround yourself with happy co-workers.  Want to be happy? Then always go with those people who feels like smiling J

 Wear your favorite clothes. Okay girls, so you’re lucky enough if you have this non-uniform job because you can express your fashion statement on your everyday get ups, but for those who wear uniforms, try adding some accessories and wearing your favorite make-up, and favorite perfume.  (It adds some glow and smile on your face)

  Be thankful.  After all what I’ve written this last one is great. Just don’t think of anything, be thankful that you have the job that can pay your bills. You can be happy if you’re on a positive side of every situation.  Keep in mind that having a job is a blessing to be thankful. If you can’t change things, learn to change yourself, go with the flow and soon, you’ll find yourself smiling for the right reasons. Just try and never quit, and when a better opportunity comes, don’t hesitate. Pack your things and move.

Hope this helps. Keep on reaching for that stars and someday, you’ll see it shining behind you.

Happy Halloween!



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