Every Little Thing Called HAPPINES

*      Waking up each morning with the rays of Mr. Sun beneath my windows.

*      Having a cup of hot Chocolate.

*      Listening to my favorite songs. 

*      A jogging with mp3 with a friend.

*      Seeing clear blue skies with cottony white clouds.

*      Having someone whom I can talk with until midnight on the phone.

*      Learning new things.

*      Playing a guitar and making my very own composed song.

*      Having someone to cuddle with.

*      Dance in the rain (sometimes) with your closest friend or someone special.

*      Seeing beautiful places, flowers and people.

*      Riding on a vehicle without traffic. Just a whole road trip with nowhere specific to go.

*      Having a new job.

*      Being recognized with something I did.

*      Having someone whom you know that cares much for you.

*      Being treated like you’re a real boss. (Means they respect you)

*      Shopping with girl friends.

*      Drinking a hot lime juice with grandmother.

*      Wearing knitted sweater and cozy pajamas especially during December.

*      Summer fun with family and friends on the beach.

*      Eating street foods while on your office attire. (Amazing!)

*      Cooking meals then over hearing someone says “It taste good”, after you serve it.

*      Having a free reading time in a very quiet place. Especially on grass every late afternoon
 where Mr. Sunset is watching.

*      Having someone to rub your back when you feel like crying and saying “it’s okay, I’m here for you”.

*      Traveling into new places.

*      Eating vegetables.

*      Wifi, A laptop, my smart phone.

*      Having a new pair of shoes, make-up sets and a good book.

*      Drinking tea.

*      Watching someone’s face while excitedly opening a gift from you.

*      Remembering childhood memories with my cousins and laughing at our stupidity when we’re young.

*      Pay Day. 

*      Sweet kisses from someone you love.

*      People remembering your birthday and sending you their sweetest birthday message.

*      Cute Cats. Kittens.

*      Receiving an email for blog collaboration.

*      New friends from the Internet who knows respect and can talk with when you’re bored.

*      Playing with a baby then suddenly he/she is giving you the sweetest and cutest smile.

*      Watching a live concert with friends.

*      A call from someone just to say “I love you”.

*      A cup of my favorite coffee.

*      Waking up in the morning with the chirpy sounds from birds.

*      Playing with cute dogs.

*      Painting nails. (Especially toenails.)

*      New set of my favorite perfume and body scrub.

*      Good Hair days.

*      Giving advice to friends and watching their face enlightened and saying “Thank You”.

*      Writing Songs.

*      Sun Bathing on the beach.

*      Spa with my best friend.

*      A surprise visit from someone special which you didn’t expect.

*      Reading some of my old notes and planner then realizing I achieved some of what I dreamed before.

*      Cold drinks during summer.

*      Hiking.

*      Having a family picnic.

*      Brownies.

*      A night full of stars.

*      Sweet Dreams.

*      Cuddling with special someone.

*      A kiss on your forehead.

*      A hug you didn’t expect from someone at your back.

*      Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s eve.

*      Christmas movies. Love Stories. 

*      Roses and Chocolates.

*      Just being idle for a moment. No worries. Nothing.

*      Scrapbooks full of memories such as photos, dried flowers, movie’s tickets, candy wrappers, etc.

*      A good sleep.

*      Having no long lines in the department stores and super markets.

*      Watching Cherry Blossoms and Snows thinking that one day, I’ll experience it too.

*      Watching rainbows.

*      Having someone that you know who really love you like nobody else.

*      Watching Disney Movies at age of twenty three. (We’re never too old for Disney).

*      Having someone that lets you cry on his/her shoulders when you feel like the whole world betrayed you.

*      Listening to Christmas Songs even though it’s not December just to remember some memories of your Childhood Christmas.

*      Visiting your grandparent’s house where you have all the fun memories of childhood with your cousins.

*      Holding Hands with someone you love.

*      Eating Sweets like ice cream, cakes and chocolates just to get rid of pressure and stress.

*      Singing in the bathroom while having a cold bath.

*      Receiving an inspirational text soon as you wake up.
*      Playing badminton.

*      Having my favorite colors for my bedroom.

*      Learning how to dress not just to impress but to express.

*      Riding on a ship or boat.

*      Reunion with old mates.

*      Seeing bright lights on a dark night.
*      Laughing until you can feel that you face hurts enough and realizing that you got tears of joy.

*      Learning to play drums. (Sucks at first)

*      Having a sewing bonding with grandmother.

*      Wearing heels in a formal occasion without getting a tired foot.

*      Chasing butterflies on a green grassy land.

*      Sundays. Holidays. Non-working Days.

*      Girl’s night out.

*      Staying up late sometimes while talking with someone on phone or online.

*      Photo shoots.

*      Sweet Nothings.

*      Valentine’s Day. Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

*      Get together with my friends.

*      Painting dreams under the clouds.

*      Sweet taste of wine with special someone.

*      Love. Faith. Prayers

 Always Smile, Be happy. Stay Pretty !



  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with you in many aspects of you to be happy. I like the blue sky ... Keep in touch

  2. Yes, you're right, even little and simple things can be precious and make us happy:)!
    kisses from Norway:)

  3. this just makes me smile <3

    join in on my giveaway :)

  4. Thanks for visiting and watching. I,follow you too.
    Cool pics.


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