Sweet Treats

Hello there lovely people. Yesterday was my my office mate's 25th birthday and I would like to share these sweet treats from her.

We got fresh fruits such as bananas, lanzones and atis. (I don't know what are the english terms hehe)

These fruits are so sweet and yeah healthy.

We got her a birthday cake too.

I'm loving the cake's design. Small, sweet and simple.

 And as a tradition here in the Philippines, birthdays aren't complete without pancit (we got pancit lucban from our beloved province) because we do believe that having pancit during your birthday will make you live longer (if I'm not mistaken haha). It's full of meat and my favorite vegetables. We also have chicken. Oh yeah as usual, fried chicken. (You know I love fried chicken)

Simple birthday but it was sweet.
Happy Birthday Jean!!




  1. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. Congratulations to your office mate. Cake very tasty. Keep in touch

  2. omg! :o i want pancit and fried chicken! ): this makes me miss the philippines... x

    1. :-) Any plans on having a vacation here Ms. Melissa?


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