October---Let Go!

It's October 1. Less than three months and it's Christmas already :-)
I just want to be happy, live life to the fullest and inspire more people not just thru this blog but much better if in reality. 

I kinda have a heavy heart today, I miss someone.
I hate to over analyze but I simply want to get over with it. Let go and be myself again without thinking of anything that will make me sad. 

I still have my friends, my monster bosses at my work, my family and a lot of good things, good people and good memories to consider.

I hate to cry.

I'm tired, I'm not emo. Well, so much for this. I guess I'll be having lots of chocolates again. For sure.

Rock on, cheer up girl. You're precious. Lots of good things will happen soon so be prepared and make yourself look good.

Do your best and stay focus to what you really want.

OMG, that's my advice to myself hehe

Happy October everyone. 

I kinda shocked realizing that it's the tenth month already.

Let's enjoy it and be a part of every OCTOBERFEST!!!




  1. Hello from Spain: I like your reflection. Lack some time for Christmas. Time flies ... Keep in touch

  2. Time flies really fast, indeed. Thank you for the email!
    Catch me on my recent post on Smize with Style.

  3. Its true taht time flies but Christmas is so far :D

    Today new post, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

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