HAppy One Year Heart NoteBook!


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It’s been a year since I started this crazy madness of mine called blogging. I am so proud that I have this kind of site in which I can share and express myself through writing and photos. I got different achievements from it and today, I want to share it to those who are new in the blogosphere and to my all time readers inside or outside my country.
First, I want to begin with when I started creating this blog.

I was bored of my everyday life at work and I really want to have some things to do aside from that boring thing and I searched for a fashion site where I found Lookbook. I was amazed by its different people, different styles and their different interpretation of fashion from all around the country. I created my own blog to express my personal opinions about different things like photography, places, fashion, food, girl things, colors and music. One day, I was surprised with those people who contacted me to do some collaboration with their sites and products. Honestly I have no Idea about collaboration. Then it turned out that I really love working for those brands. I’m not just into the money-making thing and some freebies but their appreciation makes my heart overwhelmed. It’s really good that some well-known people with well-known business industry recognized my blog, writing and effort. I am so thankful for all those opportunities. (I’m hoping to have more! Hehe) I don’t need to write all names of those brands. You know who you are guys and I loved working with you.

Heart NoteBook means my Heart’s thoughts. This is all about expressing a girl’s feelings, a love for everything she does, a determination to achieve her goals, be confident to face her fears and enjoy what the world has to offer. To inspire is to put a smile, and to pursue not just to let go. 

I was so inspired. Yes, and I love everything about blogging. I want to thank all my readers who never fail me and my other co-bloggers who never miss my posts and share their comments. (I love you all, we will keep in touch!)

This is my hobby. I am a blogger. 

Cheers!!! Happy One Year Heart NoteBook!

I have some surprises for you my dear readers soon.




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