Gorgeous and Fashionable Dresses from Efoxcity

Hello my sweet readers! 

Today I am going to show you my October picks from Efoxcity. Since October is very much open to lots of events, we girls and you guys have to get something cool, something new and something comfortable to wear.

My dear ladies, do check out these wholesale dress. These are so comfy and I love the colors.

For my handsome guy readers, you can check their newest collections for such as men's shirts and accessories.

Here are my favorites for this month.

This cute little black dress with sleeves is so cute and elegant.

Let's go get chic and sexy with this cream and laced dress.

For the students out their who are planning and thinking about what to wear on prom, you can check their latest and all time favorite designs, colors and textures of cheap prom dresses that will suit your needs and styles.

This is very casual and a good street style. I love the color combinations of red, black and somewhat nude.

Black never runs out of style so I may suggest, keep on shopping and check them out.

 Those ladies who are so excited about their weddings, you can also check efoxcity for these elegant, fashionable and comfortable beach wedding dresses. 

This one is my favorite.

This white dress is very much alike to the dress of  those gorgeous princesses on fairy tales. I should get one when I already have my prince. (haha) I will, one day.  

Don't waste time my lovely readers. Check them out and have a happy Tuesday shopping day!



                                                                                                      *sponsored post by EFOXCITY*


  1. Like the white lace dress)


  2. The nude one is so nice! :)
    Today new post, Varadero, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  3. This LBD is really chic!

  4. Hello from Spain: great proposals .. Keep in touch

  5. The little black dress is my favorite! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other on GFC--please visit mine and I'll follow back :)
    xo Jess

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