Wishing and Loving My Own Fall 2013 Hair Styles

Okay. Let's talk about fall. We all know that here in the Philippines, we don't have that fall season thing. I was so amazed with the photos I've seen about fall season including leaves, fashion, music and hair. Yes, you read it right and clearly. Hair. I was looking in front of the mirror and suddenly fall season comes into my mind in regards of hairstyles. Most of us, girls are very conscious about our looks every season and everyday of our lives, and sometimes we are so lazy to give some effort. It's so hard to be a girl yet so fun! 

Today, I am sharing you the different hairstyles I want to wear everyday. It's super easy as 123 and ABC. If you're an avid reader of my blog, you've seen that I did talked about the great hair site I discovered few months ago. Guess what? You know it already. It's about the (drum roll)... besthairbuy.com

I fell in love with this site and I am currently saving to get one of this
remy clip in hair extensions It is so easy to use. I know that you like some celebrities hair and I bet, they are really using these cute hair accessories to look fab and gorgeous. Take a look on my favorites.

 I'm sure some of you love these girls having black and shiny hair. I do love having shiny brown too. It's awesome isn't it? Having a long hair makes it so easy to manage and have these wonderful styles.

 Who wants to try these colors and be chic and sexy like these girls? Me!!! If you're having the same hair color, but if your hair is too short, I recommend for you to try these cute hair accessories. You know where to go my sweet girls.

Wanna see my own? Scroll down my lovely readers.

  Can you tell something about this hair? It's so easy to make. I'm so excited to have one of those cute hair extensions too because I want my hair to be thicker and get a nearly amazing colors. I think I don't need to go to the hair salon every time I want a new color for my hair and that is one great thing! One more thing is I want to try the no-iron curly hair; maybe just braided curls then the clip-in hair extensions will finish the look. We have to try and try new things, new looks and new products to use. Just explore my cool readers and don't be afraid to face the world with your crowning glory!

What do you think of the fall 2013 hairstyles I made? It's really fun creating hairstyles of your own with less effort, more mature look and soon, with some amazing hair extensions. 

Hope you're having a great day my lovely readers.

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  3. Very nice Inspiration!!!


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  7. I tried once one, but these look so incredible I would buy them all !!

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