May Flowers Power

Let us talk about the Month of May. So okay, I was born on May too and whenever I hear of the month May some words come to my mind. Know what are those words? It's all about summer, festivals, beaches, fun, smiles, reunion and flowers. Flowers? Yeah, you read it right. FLOWERS. Some provinces here in the Philippines celebrate May as month of Flowers that's why they call it "flores de mayo".

I visited a flower garden beside my old place Yesterday and here are the photos.

I love these flowers! I had such fun and I had a wonderful weekend Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the visit and for the follow. always happy to encounter fellow pinay =) following you back =)such a captivating and beautiful photos =)

    1. Thank you so much :-) Keep in touch.

  2. Would be so nice to be able to visit this place... thank you for the pretty Flowers...

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    1. Hi Fiona, Yeah I would love it If you could visit Philippines too :-) Btw, thanks for dropping by and welcome. keep in touch.

  3. These are lovely shots! I'd love to see garden shows like this.

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