Labor day get-away!

Yesterday was holiday! Whooo, we got an amazing day! It's so tiring yet another priceless memories from a certain farm here in my country. I went to this farm with two of my office mates and my closest friend.

We walk through the tiny road and crossed over i think five short bridges.

There's a river under those bridges. I am not afraid of crossing it. Haha!

After the tiring walk, I just want to take a rest here. Have some fresh air and nice green view of the field.

I took off my shoes and take a pose. A shed before my friend's farm house.


Going back home :-)

The house :-) With my office mate.

Closest friend. Up the tree haha. (sorry can't see the tree)

So, finally we're here in Tayabas, Quezon.

Have a nice day my lovely readers.



  1. Hello from Spain: in my country also celebrated Labor Day yesterday. I like your outfit. Nice pictures .. Keep in touch

  2. Your photos make me feel relaxed :)!!!

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    1. Yes and thanks Danika :-)


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