Cheetah Leggings and Guitar Print on Black

What a wonderful day! Yesterday, I went to some local department store and guess what? I brought this cool things! But before that, let me share you some weird stuff I did (haha) of course I did escape again from my extended time in the office. (Big grin) I feel like so bored and good thing I had someone to talk to through the whole day and I am telling you, it's a Big Blue Bear with A Cute Blue Eyes! Yes, I'll tell you the details soon if you're interested okay? 

So here are my recent purchases.

Black Floral Shorts with gold buttons in front.

Loving the guitar print! I am going to cut again that haha! I was also amazed by the cheetah leggings., and it is my favorite.

Look at it. Isn't it so cool and cute?
And you know, my purchases is not complete without me having something to eat :-) Just dropped by to KFC with a friend and ordered these.

Mashed Potato! :-) And chicken fillet full of gravy. Diet? Hehe of course, because I'm still going to eat at home.

Yeah.. And oh I forgot, now is the Birthday of a friend. Happy Birthday!

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