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Good Day my Beautiful and Lovely Readers! I've got something for you! This post and the photos here are so cool and that's why I share this all for you! Yesterday was Friday and it was a first Friday for the Month of March. Every First Friday, we are all in this lovely place as a venue for the mass. It's a hotel nearby our office.

 The Entrance.
 I love those trees.
 One word-perfect!
 Along the hallway!
 And yes, a cute horse for display.
 Swimming pool with that cute slide.
 And this photo got nothing to do here! Haha. Well I am just staring at this cute plant in the center table.
 Here I am touching the vines. Hanging nearly to the ground.
 I love that pool painting in the wall. It can faked your eyes like it is a real pool.
 Cool water, nice place. Perfect for a simple outing maybe?
 Pretty flowers along the main entrance.

I did post this cute pictures this morning! I love you all my dear readers. I love love my Doraemon shirt, forgive me for wearing it again haha! and my blue watch. See that Necklace? It was given to me by a friend when she went to Singapore last Year.

 Have a simple and great-faced day my lovelies! You all take good care. :-)



  1. Ooh, I really like your blue watch! Seems very casual and chic.

    1. Thank you so much Chrissie:-) That watch is really cool and I bought it in a really cheap price haha. Worth it, amazing right?


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