Amazing Day!

Hello my dear readers! I miss you all again and I am here to show you where I'd been Yesterday!
As from my previous post, I told you already that I had moved out to my place alone but I did visit my old place Yesterday.

Here are the proof my loving readers!

Nice and relaxing place.

 I did appreciated this cute little shrub and the rocks.

A small man-made fish pond too is really cool. Those fishes are so colorful. The last time I was here, they are all small and now, they are all grown with bright colors!

 One word----- PERFECT.

 B-Shaped swimming pool with blue water.

 A glimpse of a classy style is in here!

 I am just here for photo shoot haha! See that?

 I am loving every bit of this cool place and I miss being here too!

Well, this day is great for that simple visit. Blue sky and cotton-like clouds makes my day complete!


  1. ohh wow.. u lived some where beautiful before.. i want to see where u live now!
    ohh and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. following u as well now :)
    Issie xox


    1. Yes Issie :-) And Thanks for following back. Keep in touch. ♥

  2. That is a lovely place. Why did you move? How does your new place look now? I love the picture of you by the pool! It's so cute!

    1. Thanks Sanya, I just moved out to find myself :-) My place now is somewhat cool too, i'll post next time. Thank you so much dear, I'm hoping to see your photos too!


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