Sunday Story February 17, 2013

Hi there my cool readers! Yesterday was Sunday and I had a great time. I did told you that I finally moved in to my new room and I feel like so alone yet I am happy. The room is so boring because I don't have enough time this past few days to give it a little lively decorations and arrangement. By the way, let me share you some of the things I had Yesterday. So let's start here.

I did first wash my clothes (yes I am doing my own laundry :-)) then find something to eat Yesterday morning. It was kinda late for breakfast, I think that was already 9am when I ate these. Just had a cup of coffee, crackers, soft bread and an orange.

After those tiring laundry and giving a small time rest, I did took a bath and went to my Uncle's House to see this two cute dogs namely Gretchen and Jack. (They were mother and son haha!) See that? They are so sweet to each other. I ate lunch with my relatives there and I brought some mango for us to make a cool and sweet mango shake while watching TV. (Sorry guys, I haven't taken some photos haha, I am too busy watching and playing with those dogs)

 And I finally got home. What a simple yet nice day. :-)



  1. So simple but relax and thats always something to be thankful :)!! Visit http://urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx and check my new post!!

  2. Thanks Danika, that's really great.!


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