Sparkling Layered

Hello cool readers, today is Monday here and as all we know, it is a start of a brand new week of work and adventures. I did promised you last time that I am going to let you have a sneak peak in my new room but unfortunately, I wasn't able to arrange all my things in orders yet. (so tired Yesterday because I went to some long time no see relatives but it was worth being tired, I did some eating, watching our favorite noontime shows and window shop-bonding with them) But as of now, I am going to show you a cool and cute dress from a thrift store bought last year :-)

I love that shining effect of this dress.

Layered dress is still one of a kind fashion style that never goes out of style even in tops ans skirts.

See that? What do you think? Have a nice Monday fellas.


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    1. Thank you so much dear Rosa :-)

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    1. Thanks, :-) It means a lot my dear.

  3. Nice look :)!! Visit http://www.urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx and check my new post!!

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    1. Thanks NAtasha :-) you are so sweet.


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