My New Room :-)

Hello my dear readers, this post is my promise to you! Here's the photos of my new room after moving out from the old one. I am sorry I'm not yet done with the cleaning and arrangements. I got few things haha. I just brought the most important for me. 

My bed :-) Too small but I'm comfortable with it especially when I read some books, listening to some sounds and texting :-)

My windows are covered by this cool orange curtains. :-)

Just a drawer where I put my clothes and other accessories.

My keys, Phone which I always use (I hate touch screen for texting haha but I have one)

And this cute little dog owned by my uncle is really kind. She knows how to pose perfectly. Haha! 
I did went to a relatives when I feel boring alone last Sunday. Oh, by the way, her name's Gretchen :-)



  1. Home sweet home
    Room sweet room ya... :p

    Enjoy dear

  2. i am loving the vibrant orange! I always forget how cool orange looks in a room

    1. thanks for the sweet comment Rachael. I'm loving orange too!

  3. I love the orrange curtains!!Visit http://www.urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx and check my new post!!(("Stripes"))

    1. Thanks Danika, surely love to visit your blog :-)


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